We have a better research environment than other countries, but we still have to fight

    August 2019

    We have a better research environment than other countries, but we still have to fight

    Sara is interviewed by Science Report Denmark. Here, she talked about her belief that technology can be the cause of positive changes to human lives. She mentioned that “It’s pretty cool that you can have a tool that makes everything faster, cheaper and increases the quality of life for people - while at the same time it can create profit for a company”. At DivERS, we have the same mindset and we use technology to create a tool for improving and accelerating the recruitment process.

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      University Start-up World Cup.

        DivERS is the finalist of University Startup World Cup 2021

        DivERS is finalist for University Start-up World Cup 2021. DivERS is the only Danish start-up representative competing in the digital category.In University Start-up World Cup competition, the best impact-based university start-ups from around the world come together. The finalists are working towards making an impact in the world. This will be year seven for University Start-up World Cup, where impact-based start-ups from around the world pitch for a chance to win 15,000 € but most importantly be part of a global network. The final competition will be hosted by Venture Cup China in Beijing, on December 3.You can find all the finalists here: https://venturecup.dk/uswc/

        July 2021

        Venture cup Denmark.

          DivER won the Best Digital Startup in Venture Cup Denmark

          Venture Cup Denmark, is a national startup competition for the best and brightest startups that come from Danish universities. DivERS has attracted a lot of attention due to its potential for removing undesirable biases during recruitment in order to increase diversity and inclusion in workplaces. After being selected among top finalist startups, at a ceremony at IDA held on 24th June 2021, DivERS is awarded as the best digital startup among 5 other finalists. The award includes 10,000 DKK to boost their business, nomination for University Startup World Cup, and promotions in media and investor programs.

          June 2021

          Ambassador of Innovation Fund Denmark.

            Ambassador of Innovation Fund Denmark!

            In 2018, the Innovation Fund launched a new initiative to promote a better gender balance in entrepreneurship and top research. As part of the initiative, the foundation has set up a group of eight female entrepreneurs and researchers affiliated with the foundation. The group has been named InnoWomen, and the eight women will both provide input to the foundation's own diversity policy and act as role models for potential applicants. Sara Shafiee is one of the eight InnoWomen: “I believe that diversity provides better research and innovation, and introducing role models is really important as part of achieving greater gender diversity. That is why I am extremely delighted to be part of this initiative”, she says.

            September 2019