How DivERS Works

Automatic Shortlisting

Scoreboard Method for Shortlisting

The conventional systematic approach for shortlisting is the scoreboard method, which includes three steps:
  • Determining the shortlisting criteria.
  • Creating the shortlisting scoreboard.
  • Analyzing the scoreboard results manually for each applicant.

What are the challenges?
  • Implementing the scoreboard is very time-consuming.
  • The scoreboard can be affected with biases, since it is not blinded.
  • Required information may not be available from CVs or cover letters.
scoreboard method for shortlisting
scoreboard method for shortlisting

DivERS Automates Scoreboard Approach

DivERS provides a systematic approach for shortlisting process.
  • DivERS provides precise unbiased questionnaires, instead of extracting information from CV manually.
  • DivERS ready-made questionnaires are customized for each vacancy.
  • DivERS generates the scoreboard automatically based on applicants answers to questions.
  • DivERS performs various informative analysis and provides multiple comparative graphs.
  • DivERS process is blinded and unbiased.

Why DIVERS Does NOT Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been used to extract required information from applicant CVs and perform ths shortlisting. Nonetheless, AI-based solutions have several serious drawbacks:
  • AI technologies based on machine learning algorithms can learn humans biases.
  • Employers have limited control over the selection process.
  • AI systems can make mistakes, or can be tricked!
  • Large and quality datasets are required to have accurate results, which may not be applicable to small-sized companies.
not using AI technology for shortlisting